Ronald Haines, Author

How to Write and Publish a Book Yourself

Be The Authority is a step-by-step guide which explains how to write your book and self-publish it as a trade paperback at little-to-no cost to you using modern print-on-demand technology where there is no minimum order requirement.

Being the author of a published book unquestionably establishes authority, and today's non-fiction books might easily be referred to as the new business cards. The reason for being an author in the modern world is no longer about earning royalties but about establishing your brand by positioning you as an expert in your field.  With your author's cost of a paperback book being about the same as that of a promotional giveaway, you can use your book as the ultimate business card by giving copies to prospective clients.


How To Retire On Your Own Terms

Take control now and be as fit, active and carefree as you want while thoroughly enjoying the best time of your life on your own terms withI Am Taking Control. Baby Boomers have always been game changers and as we prepare for our golden years its time to blow away the old conventions of what used to be considered ‘retirement.’ 
Was it so long ago that we were in our teens? In college? Yes, it really has been over forty years and, hey, guess what; ‘the man’ is still lying to us. The trouble is, with the uncertainty so many boomers are feeling about what the future is going to hold, many of our peers are preparing to listen to him. Ten thousand of us are turning 65 every day in America for the next twenty years; it’s a marketers dream and if you’re not on your guard you’re going to be sucked in to the mass hysteria.

The boomer generation has always rejected the established ways of doing things and if you’ve found yourself scratching your head about what is considered conventional wisdom, you’re already on the right track. Baby boomer retirement is going to be different, but it is going to be up to us as individuals to make it happen.

Face Blindness

Imagine what would happen to you if you found out that you are really very different, that you have been compensating all of your life and that what you considered normal behavior was actually an elaborate coping mechanism you had created for yourself.  Your world suddenly changes.  That’s what happened to Ronald Haines when he found out he had face blindness.

Finding Out Will Change Your Life Forever recalls numerous true instances from Ronald’s life that are highly amusing when seen from the point of view of someone who is not face blind and provides both an entertaining as well as an enlightening read about the intricate methods he developed in order to get by and his perception of the world as a person who did not know he was face blind. This book also deals with how Ronald’s life would have been different if he had learned earlier that he was face blind and how his life dramatically changed since he learned about it.