After the golden age of piracy came to a close in the 1720s  the pirates who remained in the Bahamas and their descendants became smugglers, wreckers and blockade runners, supplemented with bouts of actual piracy and privateering.   For most of the eighteenth century the American colonies relied heavily upon the services of this new breed of ‘pirates of the Bahamas’ to avoid British taxation, and indeed these pirates were instrumental to the American colonies gaining their independence.  The story of these historical events is told in a series of adventure and romance novels through the eyes of the fictional children of Anne Bonny, Jack Rackham and Mary Read.  The first book in this series, Pirates of the Bahamas, sets the stage and introduces the two main characters.  More information, both the actual history and more about the books, is available at the Pirates of the Bahamas website.

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Wolf at the Threshold, is the epic story of early Roman Britain including the invasion by the Roman Emperor Claudius, the rise and fall of Queen Boudica, cultural differences between Romans and the tribes of Britannia, the misunderstandings of Emperor Nero, the plans of the druids to unite Britain, racism, attitudes towards slavery, historical battles, gladiators and gladiatrix, and ending with the great fire of Rome.  

As well as exciting adventure, the story is told as a romance between the fictional characters Ceridwen, an Iceni princess and childhood friend of the woman who becomes Queen Boudica, and Marek, an Egyptian cavalryman serving as an officer in the Roman legions.

So much of the sensationalism about the golden age of piracy isn't supported by the historical facts, but the real lives of the pirates of that time are much more interesting.  From what is known about them historically, Ronald has inferred their motivations and he tells their stories in ways that are consistent with the known facts.  Experience the action, adventure and romance of the real stories of the famous pirates you've heard about.  Information about the actual pirate history is available at the Real Pirate Stories website.

In The Real story of the Pirate Anne Bonny  you'll learn about the teenager who ran away from the confining life of colonial Carolina to Nassau in New Providence, Bahamas hoping to enjoy the lust filled, idealized life of freedom as a pirate, but ends up learning about the true costs of that freedom.  Discover how she meets Mary Read, whom Anne considers to be the epitome of a woman pirate, and serves with her under the command of Calico Jack Rackham, the last of the golden age pirate captains, until they are all captured and Rackham is hanged.​  More about the actual history of Anne Bonny is available at the Anne Bonny and Mary Read website.

Ronald Haines, Author