Ronald Haines

Ronald Haines Historical Fiction Contemporary Fiction and Non-Fiction


Ronald finds the study of history and historical people fascinating and he believes that people are really no different now than they were even thousands of years ago in terms of their motivations, desires, prejudices and biases.  Ronald Haines Historical Fiction novels are well researched for historical fact, but through his characters readers will be put inside the heads of the people who are living it. Indulge yourself with Ronald Haines romance and adventure.

His Contemporary Fiction books deal with the struggles faced by people in the modern world and how they creatively resolve them.

Ronald's Non-Fiction works reflect the adage of "write what you know about."  Here he deals with subjects from his 30+ years in the insurance (Obamacare Explained) and financial (I Am Taking Control) industry, as well as personal experiences (Finding Out Will Change Your Life Forever).